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At the Heart of BOX Studios

Our mission defines our direction.

Our mission is to be a valued professional and innovative partner with all our collaborators.

To provide design solutions that are thoughtful for the present and future needs of our clients.

We bring energy, passion, and expertise to every opportunity.
Be Your Best Everyday: 
Be mindful of your attitude. Stay positive. Constantly be learning.
Be a Good Teammate:
Jump in and help. Lead by example.  Respect each other’s differences.
Think it Through:
Put thought into every task you undertake. Leverage our collective genius. Nothing should be trivial.
Bring the Passion:
Apply your creative energy and enthusiasm to every task. Be committed in heart and mind.

Create Meaningful Experiences.
We create meaningful design solutions around the user’s experience within their environment.  We create genuine connections with our clients, partners and each other.

Our focus is on our core values.

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