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To create the best workplaces on Earth, we design environments that allow organizations to operate at their fullest potential by enabling people to do their best work.


  • Corporate

  • Tech

  • Financial + Law

  • Real Estate

  • Creative + Engineering


Design in the education field encompasses many different facets of learning, from pre-school classroom to multi-purpose rooms in the workplace.


Education remains in flux as design, technologies, and furniture continue to work together to solve the way we all learn today.      

  • adult education

  • off-campus housing


The healthcare and wellness business is complex. Our team of designers enter into an intimate and collaborative process with doctors, health experts and key staff members to establish goals, program and budget.

  • fitness centers

  • wellness rooms

  • mother's rooms

  • medical + dental offices

  • spas


Every space needs a touch of home and research suggests the line between work and home are starting to blur, whether it be a single-family, duplex, 3-flat, 4-flat or multi-family housing development.

  • Off-Campus/Private Student Housing

  • Single-Family

  • Multi-Family


BOX Studios is at the forefront of helping buildings distinguish themselves from the competition through thoughtful designs and creative solutions. We assist in attracting companies to buildings and adding value to properties.

  • conference centers

  • elevator lobbies

  • fitness centers, locker rooms, restrooms, outdoor spaces

  • spec suites

  • restaurants and food courts

  • tenant lounges


The economic climate along with a web-based and increasingly more connected world, have changed the retail stores, restaurants and hotels of today.

Understanding that the bottom line is equally important as creating the WOW factor in each of these environments.

  • restaurants

  • retail 

  • showrooms

  • spa


New construction comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it be from the ground-up to additions/expansion to building renovations. New high-tech products/materials and the latest construction methods make this an exciting market sector.    

  • single family

  • additions

  • entries

  • refresh and interior renovation


R&D is a powerful tool providing knowledge and insight in understanding market needs. Clearly understanding the process leads to a designed a space where efficiencies can be increased, and cost reduced.

  • office

  • light industrial

BOX Studios_Architecture

Architecture tells a story while meeting the needs of individual clients and customers who use the building. We believe that the best buildings are conceived when architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, and clients come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their individual contributions. Through an integrated design process, we offer innovative design solutions that meet our client’s needs while creating real value.

BOX Studios_Interior Design.png

We spend around 90% of our time indoors according to the EPA. Design of the spaces we occupy can greatly affect our health and behaviors. We are committed to ensuring our clients are informed on the benefits of quality design with the human experience at the core of what we do. We design environments that allow organizations, groups and/or individuals to operate at their fullest potential whether at work, live or play spaces.

BOX Studios_Strategy

We partner with a best-in-class organization that provides the strategic expertise needed in today’s business and office climate.  We ensure our clients have the best research and data points from within their own organizations which allow them to make informed decisions specific to their business goals and company cultures.

BOX Studios_Visualization

Conceptual designs are the basis for all our projects. We employ powerful software programs that allow us to visually convey our design ideas to our clients.  These visual tools also aid our clients in building advocacy and excitement within their organizations.

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